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Surfboards & Buoyancy Devices

PU is the surfing industry construction term referring to surfboards built from a polyurethane blank with polyester resin, while PE refers to polyurethane blanks with epoxy resin. These have long been the standard for most surfboard brands and are the most widely and affordable options still available.

Due to the foams weight and density, polyurethane-based boards sit a little lower in the water than those using alternative materials, helping surfers to keep their rail under water and providing the desired knife-edge feel when slicing through the wave’s face.

Being the right bulk to weight ratio also helps polyurethane-based surfboards handle choppy conditions better and they are less prone to being bounced around. Sitting lower in the water also has its benefits to barrel riding, providing more hold in hollow waves.

Pearl Polyurethane offers a large range of polyurethane-based products for different applications that can be tailored to your needs.

Contact us and talk to our R&D team to develop a solution meeting your requirements.



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