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Polyurethane CASE Solutions

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CASE – Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants & Elastomers

Simply put, polyurethane-based elastomers possess unique properties that cannot be fully realised with other thermoplastics. They are free of plasticisers, highly resilient, and resistant to a broad range of chemical substances such as greases, oils and solvents, among other things.

Further advantages include wear-resistant, impact-resistant, temperature and weatherproof properties.

With their outstanding mechanical properties, polyurethane elastomers can be utilised primarily where natural rubber or other synthetic materials would not be able to withstand severe stress situations. Cast elastomers also allow any conceivable shape to be created, ensuring the application possibilities are practically limitless. As a spray system, polyurethane elastomers are mainly used as a coating for other materials with a range of different effects and finishes that can be effortlessly achieved.

In addition to our extensive elastomer applications, Pearl Polyurethane also develops and delivers a range of highly effective coating, adhesive, and sealant solutions.

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