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At Pearl Polyurethane Systems, we view you as a partner – not only a client.

Our goal is to support you at every step in your production processes as well as every phase of your product development journey.

From the formulation of new product solutions, to improving recipes and the development of more efficient processes and delivery cycles, our service spans the entire value chain from start to successful completion.


6-Step Process

The key to success is our 6-step development process which clearly details how we deliver advanced PU solutions.

Initial consultation

Firstly, we will arrange an initial discovery meeting with you. Share your ideas and our experienced staff will determine the best action plan according to your needs and objectives.

Strategy & Design Stage

Once we get a sense of your specifications and priorities, we will customise an action plan to meet your goals and objectives within a realistic timeframe.

Development Process

In consultation with you, our R&D team will conduct experiments and simulate a range of production processes to refine the design and develop the final product solution.


Our team will work with you to calibrate your onsite processes to always ensure uninterrupted production.

Logistics & Delivery

To ensure your required components are always available right when you need them, our logistics and delivery experts will follow a clear delivery plan, so your needs are met on time.

Ongoing Technical Support

Our commitment to continual improvement extends to onsite support by our team of experts. You will receive ongoing support to continually improve your PU systems. This is our ultimate goal.

Your Logistics & Delivery Plan

Our logistics and delivery team will develop a clear plan and timetable to ensure your delivery reaches your site on time.

With a large fully equipped production site and long-term supply contracts in place, we aim to achieve consistency in the entire PU supply chain. For every client, we establish a logistics and delivery plan and follow a clear timetable to avoid any unnecessary supply bottlenecks. Our objective is that your delivery reaches your site on time.

Personalised ongoing support

Our team provides ongoing technical support and onsite problem solving

One of the most important aspects of the Pearl Polyurethane service is our aftersales support and ongoing technical advice. Our R&D team will remain in close contact with you after delivery and work collaboratively with your onsite staff to address any production challenges. As part of our commitment to continual improvement, we will work with you to proactively enhance and, where necessary, update systems and processes on an ongoing basis to ensure your production and quality objectives are met at all times.

Talk to us

Our experienced team can match you to the right standard solution or develop an entirely new product, custom-made specifically for your requirements. Our R&D team is always available to answer your questions.