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Success Stories

Close collaboration and cooperation with our customers are key to our business. Take a closer look at the following case studies about some successful Pearl Polyurethane projects.

Our Projects

Pearl Polyurethane Systems provides a range of customised insulation and water proofing solutions which are available throughout the UAE and Middle East. Here is a selection of iconic construction projects in the Middle East where quality Pearl Polyurethane products have been used:

Case Studies

HFO, Spray Foam

Duqm, Oman

CO₂, Spray Foam

Various towns in Oman

HFO, Spray Foam

Office Complex in Masdar City

HFO, Spray Foam

Villa Project, Al Ain

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Our experienced team can match you to the right standard solution or develop an entirely new product, custom-made specifically for your requirements. Our R&D team is always available to answer your questions.