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Responsible Care

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Product Stewardship

Product stewardship is an integral feature at Pearl Polyurethane as a business value driver in the following areas: addressing accountability with regard to legal and contractual obligations; increasing brand value through improved reputation and opening markets through qualifying specific applications.

Creating value with our products

Pearl Polyurethane runs regular education programs to help our customers and legal authorities with regard to the safe handling of polyurethane systems and raw materials.

Over the entire market usage lifecycle, we closely monitor our polyurethane chemical formulations that are converted into foams at customer premises.

We are focused on measures that satisfy the principles of sustainable development and responsible care.

Working closely with our stakeholders, we review internal and external value chains and help compliance with regional and international industry norms. The disciplines involved are product and process development, product manufacturing, and supplying customers in line with local regulations.

  • Policies and sustainability commitments
    All of our business activities are geared to sustainability and achieving Circular Economy goals
  • Certifications
    Pearl Polyurethane has implemented an Integrated Management System and follows standards such as ISO 9001


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