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When compared to rubber and thermoplastic materials, polyurethane-based adhesives can provide a more cost-effective solution suitable for moulding and processing equipment when formulated accordingly. This is exactly where PearlBond adhesives can help you.

With a broad range of effective mechanical properties, PearlBond adhesive systems also provide a seemingly limitless number of application possibilities. Pearl Polyurethane can develop an appropriate formulation for your application to meet your business needs.



  • Superior wear resistance
  • Excellent long-term elasticity
  • Good mechanical properties
  • Excellent resiliency
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Good tear strength
  • Good dynamic properties (minimum heat build-up
Binders for running tracks, children’s playground mats, garden tiles, and many other applications or outdoor use cases
Panel lamination adhesives providing comprehensive lamination
Binder for Rebonded Foam
Stone Binders
Moisture-Curing Binders for Marine Applications
 Wood binders for a broad range of structural uses


Compatible with a wide range of additives, including recycled granules

From running tracks, playground mats, to garden tiles, Rebonded Foam, and even Marine applications, PearlBond binder is suitable for most applications and outdoor use cases in any climatic conditions.

As the preferred alternative to TDI based binders, PearlBond is an MDI based binder – part of a wider portfolio of product options – that can easily be customised for many recycling applications.

Whether it is rubber, cork, stone, flexible foam, PU, or rebonded granules, these can be combined with the PearlBond PU-based binder to create whole new range of value-added products out of previously discarded resources.

The range of product options is seemingly limitless – products that dampen noise and vibration or products that offer improved comfort, slip resistance, or shock absorption, depending on their intended use.

With properties ranging from soft to semi rigid to hard, PearlBond binder offers durable solutions for a variety of applications, from running tracks to garden tiles and playground mats.

Panel lamination adhesives

Providing strong and durable lamination

  • Full range of one- and two-component polyurethane adhesives adapted to individual customer’s needs
  • Suitable for use on continuous, discontinuous and double-belt panel laminators
  • A2 filled fire rated systems for dispensing and viper applications available
  • Solution enables production efficiency and output at differing speeds
  • Enables bonding of aluminium, steel or full-stressed skin materials to polyurethane or polystyrene foam, mineral wool, and cores containing other insulation materials.
  • Excellent sealing properties and robust
  • Enables laminated panels to absorb structural weight stress while providing superior thermal adaptability
  • Good flexibility to cope with expansion due to temperature changes
  • Possibility for longer panels with less panel joints providing more cost-effective and rapid production

Wood binders

For a broad range of structural and everyday uses

  • Ideal for wood assemblies requiring a strong but flexible bond
  • Suitable for use with wood furniture, panelling, doors, windows, stairs, and interior structures, as well as use in the marine sector.
  • Superior aging properties
  • Deep wetting and adaptable curing speeds
  • Benefit of large bonding interface due to uniform penetration properties

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