Edge protection

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Edge Protection

Polyurethane has been utilised as a highly effective edge protection in various industries for many decades. As a robust, durable application, it can be applied seamlessly and has the added benefit of both hardness and surface quality being able to be adjusted effortlessly. Utilising a polyurethane casting system, undercuts for moulded parts are also possible while achieving a high-quality and safe edge protection. This technique can be used more widely for softer personal protection applications, and also for firm and narrow applications including furniture protection.

A common use is for tabletops such as those seen on passenger trains. These surfaces can be designed both as impact protection for passenger safety as well as anti-slip protection for objects. Bumper edges on enclosures provide straight edges and also serve to protect against damage and the ingress of dirt and moisture. In the household and office furniture setting, polyurethane edges provide protection against wear and tear as well as ensure durability, while combining additives allow for a variety of colours with UV protection.

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  • Flexible Compact
  • Flexible Foamed
  • Rigid Compact
  • Rigid Foamed


  • Automotive parts
  • Household furniture
  • Office furniture
  • Technical moulded parts


  • Durability
  • Dampening
  • Soft touch
  • Processability


  • High-quality appearance
  • Increased comfort
  • Increased safety
  • Easy installation