Footwear industry applications

Polyurethane – a step in the right direction


Polyurethane has been a key component in the modern footwear industry for many decades. When it comes to long-lasting and high-quality shoe soles, polyurethane is usually the material of choice. Since a range of different qualities are necessary for fashion, sports and safety footwear, polyurethane provides the ideal, flexible solution. The material is unique due to the direct soling process which ensures the maximum in effectiveness and cost-reduction. Most importantly, liquid polyurethane acts as a glue during the reaction process inside the mould, and this makes it possible to integrate additional functional parts without the need of extra attachment methods.

When compared to alternative materials, polyurethane offers multiple benefits. Antistatic, ESD, oil resistant or high-comfort, cold-flex or systems based on renewable materials are all possible. Adjusting the chemical composition of the material means it is possible to alter the mechanical properties to almost any desired setting. Furthermore, the reaction profile can be easily customised to fit your manufacturing or production requirements.

Pearl Polyurethane systems are based on renewable materials which help to contribute to environmental protection. Our solutions are not only environmentally friendly, but retain all values and mechanical properties as well as the processability.

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