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Why Polyurethanes?

Discovered in 1937 by Dr Otto Bayer, polyurethanes are extremely versatile materials with exceptional properties that make them very useful in everyday applications. Polyurethane foams deliver tremendous energy savings and reduce CO₂ emissions.

Polyurethane – versatile material with durable properties

  • Superior insulation performance
    Of all conventional insulating materials polyurethane currently offers the highest insulation performance.
  • More living space
    As an insulating material, polyurethane permits a thinner insulating layer than other materials, which results in more free space for building interiors.
  • High aging durability
    Polyurethane is mechanically durable, moisture-resistant, temperature-resistant, and chemically stable.
  • Great versatility
    Rigid polyurethane panels can be cut to any size using simple tools.
  • Outstanding energy balance
    Viewed over its entire life cycle, polyurethane displays an excellent energy balance.
  • Good fire protection performance
    Polyurethane is thermally stable, does not melt, drip or smoulder, and polyurethane foams fulfil the majority of fire safety norms within the construction industry.
  • Renovation and new buildings
    Broad range of applications in these key areas.

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