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Customer Partnerships

We view our customers as long-term partners with shared objectives.

Our customer partnerships involve joint developments and technical collaboration to deliver winning solutions right from the start of a project. Our experienced technical managers support our customers during the planning, equipment selection and commissioning phase of new production lines. Thanks to this approach, initial trials result in compliant products from the very first production run.

Education and experience go hand in hand

Customer education on global polyurethane developments and adapting to new local requirements on critical issues, such as fire safety of polyurethane products or the safe handling of polyurethane chemicals, are central to our customer relationships.

Innovative service is the key to success: we work closely with our customers to deliver leading polyurethane technologies in their respective applications in a tailored, customer-centric approach.

Pearl Polyurethane performs MDI/TDI bulk discharge & storage assessments based on the European Trade Association for Producers of Diisocyanates and Polyols Assessment checklist at customer sites. We provide guidance on bulk installations to reduce production costs and material wastage. This helps reduce any negative environmental impact by reducing the number of drums that need to be cleaned with solvents.

We also provide training courses and information seminars to help keep our customers and their staff fully informed of new developments and innovations in the polyurethane industry.

This is all part of our objective of viewing our valued clients more as long-term partners rather than merely one-off customers.

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