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Martin Kruczinna

Chief Executive Officer

Thoughts on PU industry?
I love the PU industry’s global nature and the superior insulation properties of polyurethane materials which make them an obvious tool in the biggest challenge of mankind – global warming.

Sports and interests?
I am passionate about ultra-running because this allows me to improve on a daily basis and continuously learn about myself.

Ilhan Kurt

Head of Research & Development

Thoughts on PU industry?
I love the versatility of PU applications in our daily life and the many new development opportunities. Always curious about exploring new methods and solutions.
Sports and interests?
I’m passionate about sports fishing and especially cooking where I like to try new ideas.

Irina Kuzina

Chief Supply Chain Officer

Thoughts on PU industry?
I love the fast-paced environment and ability to try new ideas; clear company vision and appreciation all around, as well creating exceptional experiences and having fun!

Sports and interests?
My passions are mountaineering, reading, cooking, and watching old-school movies.

Pradeep Balan

Chief Financial Officer

Thoughts on PU industry?
I love the diversified products and markets it caters to, also how PU-based products are contributing to a greener environment

Sports and interests?
Walking, Running, Swimming

Jenu Chithambaram

Head of Sales & Marketing

Thoughts on PU industry?
I love working with the great people in this fast paced industry and I’m empowered by the versatility of PU technology, superior insulation benefits, and vast scope of applications and uses.
Sports and interests?
My passions outside work are running, music, travel, and watching movies, all genres.

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