Pearl Polyurethane rebrands its entire series of polyurethane systems for insulation applications to EcoPearl

Following the introduction of a ground-breaking new low lambda insulation product this month, Pearl Polyurethane, the largest system house in the Middle East and North Africa with a growing international client base, has rebranded its entire series of polyurethane systems for insulation applications to EcoPearl.

The newly rebranded EcoPearl series of existing products covers a broad range of applications ranging from metal sandwich panels and pre-insulated pipes, to spray foam insulation for commercial and residential properties as well as other insulation applications such as appliances and water heaters, all of which can be modified by Pearl Polyurethane to specific end-user needs.

“Key factors driving the product portfolio rebranding has been our ongoing commitment to sustainability and this is evidenced by the release of our new low lambda insulation product this month,” commented Martin Kruczinna, CEO of Pearl Polyurethane Systems. Low lambda refers to the thermal conductivity value of an insulation material and is a measure of its ability to prevent the passage of heat at a particular thickness in defined conditions. As the lambda value decreases, the thermal performance of the material increases.

With sustainability goals firmly in mind, when developing this new product, the Pearl R&D team addressed a range of questions, such as how to employ environmentally friendly, fourth generation blowing agents, pentane, and other mixing agents more effectively to substantially improve insulation properties while ensuring affordability is maintained.

After nearly nine months of work by the company’s R&D team, this ground-breaking low lambda product completed client machine trials earlier this year and is now ready for release.

Key advantages of the new product are an overall improvement of up to 20 per cent in insulation performance for polyurethane-based metal sandwich insulation panels – dependant on application use – when compared to current regional industry standards, as well as achieving the highest levels of fire-retardancy suitable for receiving FM approval. Significantly, the new product formulation can be delivered to clients in two pre-mixed components meaning insulation panel manufacturers can utilise existing plant and production lines to produce the new low lambda product variation, avoiding the need for substantial investment in new or upgraded equipment.

As the first independent system house globally to develop low lambda cores for continuous metal sandwich panel products, Pearl’s R&D team recently won the Innovative Insulation Project of the Year 2021 award for its R&D-initiative.

“Winning this award is an important part of Pearl’s mission to raise awareness of sustainability issues and the improved energy saving benefits of polyurethane-based insulation panels as part of a regional and global solution to reduce energy for heating and cooling purposes. Through continuous development of new and innovative products in our EcoPearl range, Pearl is enabling the construction industry to play its part in the fight against global warming. Our mission is to continue to build on these successes by listening closely to our customers and responding with targeted R&D initiatives and new product solutions. We expect this approach will continue to significantly grow our throughput volume and lead to future industry award wins for Pearl globally,” concluded Kruczinna.

Pearl Polyurethane offers a comprehensive range of polyurethane formulations and prepolymers for the production of high-performance polyurethane foams and elastomers.

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