Pearl Polyurethane: New R&D initiative to improve continuous sandwich panel insulation

The leading Dubai-based system house, currently operating as Pearl Covestro Polyurethane Systems LLC, announced that it has launched a new research and development initiative in the Middle East to develop improved continuous sandwich panel concepts with the objective of continually bringing breakthrough new products to market.

The initiative’s goal is to research new solutions for continuous sandwich panel production to achieve an overall improvement in insulation performance of up to 20 % when compared to current industry standards. Part of the research will develop alternative blends using more environmentally-friendly, fourth-generation liquid blowing agents together with pentane as well as other additives.

“With sustainability goals firmly in mind, our R&D team will be addressing a range of questions, such as how to employ environmentally-friendly, fourth-generation blowing agents, pentane, and other mixing agents more effectively to substantially improve insulation properties while ensuring affordability is maintained. Our challenge is to continually improve on current industry standards. Finding the right balance between all these key factors is our main objective,” commented Ilhan Kurt, designated head of research and development at Pearl Polyurethane Systems, and added: “Furthermore, our research will focus on new methods for decreasing average continuous sandwich panel thickness, while maintaining insulation performance, fire resistance and achieving lower smoke generation.”

Read the full article in the coming issue of PU Magazine International, publication date 2 June 2021.

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