Low Lambda Breakthrough Innovation Product Award 2022

We are proud to be awarded ‘Innovative Insulation Project of The Year’ at the Construction Innovation Awards 2022 in Dubai.

At #PearlPolyurethane, we prioritise R&D and innovation as an organisational culture as part of our mission to act as a change agent in the fight against global warming by developing and launching new ground-breaking, environmentally friendly products.

We are honoured to be recognised for our new #EcoPearl – Low Lambda Insulation product.

Key benefits are up to 20 per cent improvement in insulation properties of metal sandwich panel insulation when compared to other like-for-like board thicknesses.

Also the ability to reduce metal sandwich panel thickness by 20 per cent creating thinner, more aesthetically appealing panels while retaining the same insulation properties

Thank you to Construction Business News Middle East for recognising our team’s efforts!